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Over the course of my career, I have successfully led end-to-end development of 7+ products, as well as implemented numerous features from 0-1. My passion for product management is evident in my record of winning 8+ supreme corporate awards, which motivates me to continue driving exceptional results. In my current role at Jove, I have achieved several notable accomplishments, including improving the search engine to increase unique searches by 10%, and developing and launching JoVE Quiz, resulting in a 15% increase in upsell and subscription price. Additionally, my innovative features on the JoVE video player led to a 10% increase in video completion rates for unique users.


Previously, while working at HashedIn by Deloitte, I successfully developed a B2C insurance portal that increased new users by 38%, lowered load time to 500ms, and implemented a B2B & B2C E2E restaurant management app, cutting operational cost by 30-40% and reducing wastage by 10-20%. My team also implemented a B2C Edtech platform, which lowered operation cost by 80%, and raised NPS score to 55-65. Furthermore, I led a team that implemented an ETA delivery system for B2C ecommerce, improving CSAT score to 4+ and ETA accuracy by 80%. I designed a B2B2C drive-thru & curbside portal, reducing service time by 20%, improving CSAT score to 4+, and increasing user acquisition by 25%. Additionally, I was able to raise employee satisfaction score to 4+, and reduce attrition rate by 10-15% in 3 months for B2B workplace management.


During my time at Accenture as a Product Manager, I led a 9-member team to develop a B2C Banking App, achieving a 55% daily increase in new user registration. I also directed a cross-functional team in creating a B2B Intranet Banking application, increasing NPS from 23-24 to 42-43. I am confident that my skills, expertise, and passion for product management would enable me to thrive in this role.

Awards, Scholarships and Grants

  • Spot Award (June 2022) for ownership in meeting client deliverables on time

  • P2 Capability Award (March 2022) for zero escalation training program execution

  • Top Impactor (Feb 2022) for managing deliverables and client escalations

  • Spot Award (May 2021) for diligent P2 hiring, hiring 80+ MTs from campus

  • Top Impactor (Dec 2021) for streamlining HBS program and reducing manual efforts

  • Spot Award (Oct 2020) for delivering high-quality product and improving NPS from 22-23 to 42-43

  • ACE Award (2016) for owning critical project delivery.

  • Employee of the Year (2017) for quality documentations and 11 client appreciations.


Jun'21 - Dec'21

Duke Corporate Education - Certified PM

  • Researched and prototyped online food delivery app with suggested features.

  • Conducted user surveys to inform furniture rental market research.

May'20 - May'21

IIIT Bangalore - PGDDS

  • Secured 3.08/4

  • Constructed regression models for bike sharing and education platforms.

  • Developed a Rasa chatbot for in-dine restaurant customers to aid menu selection.

Jun'18 - Mar'20

IIM Trichy - MBA

  • Secured 2.14/4.33

  • Won CFA RC campus challenge with financial model for RNAM.

  • 1st place in Hero Campus Challenge Season 4 and Ad-O-Holic assessment.

Jun'11 - May'15

DTU (DCE) - Btech

  • Secured 7.2/10

  • Organized technical and cultural fests as Cultural Secretary of Aarambh society, DTU

  • Managed annual technical fest, Renaissance, held from 18 to 20

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