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Awards & Recognition

Awards, Scholarships and Grants

  • Spot Award (June 2022) for ownership in meeting client deliverables on time

  • P2 Capability Award (March 2022) for zero escalation training program execution

  • Top Impactor (Feb 2022) for managing deliverables and client escalations

  • Spot Award (May 2021) for diligent P2 hiring, hiring 80+ MTs from campus

  • Top Impactor (Dec 2021) for streamlining HBS program and reducing manual efforts

  • Spot Award (Oct 2020) for delivering high-quality product and improving NPS from 22-23 to 42-43

  • ACE Award (2016) for owning critical project delivery.

  • Employee of the Year (2017) for quality documentations and 11 client appreciations.

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