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We had been using QTI question banks in the form of zip files, which were shared with professors over email. However, there was no way to track the usage of these questions or attribute it to JoVE. This made it difficult for us to evaluate the effectiveness of our QTI question banks and the value they provided to our users. Furthermore, the QTI question curation process for each professor was time-consuming for our CS team, which affected their productivity.

Our task was to develop a solution that would allow us to track the usage of QTI question banks and attribute it to JoVE, while also streamlining the QTI question curation process for our CS team.

We released a quiz with basic functionality to a limited number of professors based on their past usage of the QTI question banks. We took feedback from these users, which allowed us to improve the product and make it more user-friendly. The soft launch gave us positive feedback and validated that there was a need for the product. Furthermore, it showed that users were willing to come to the JoVE website to use this feature.

We then globally launched the product, which resulted in a 15% increase in upsell subscription price and reached 10% adoption of the subscriber base in the first few weeks. This demonstrated that our solution was successful in addressing the problems we faced and provided value to our users. It also showed that there was demand for this feature, which helped us in making decisions about future development and investment in this area.

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