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Personal Finance Management

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Earlier, lead generation for investment in mutual funds was done through the Axis Bank marketplace, and the conversion process was done manually by the relationship manager. This manual process led to low efficiency and low conversion rates.

The task was to develop a more efficient system to improve the conversion rates for mutual fund investments.

Action: To address this issue, we developed a personal finance management (PFM) app that catered to all types of investment needs, such as SIP, STP, redemption, switch, and SWP. The app also provided features such as portfolio management, tax-saving options, risk profile analysis, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help customers make informed investment decisions.

The implementation of the PFM app resulted in a 55% increase in new registrations, as it provided a more convenient and efficient way for customers to manage their investments. With the app, customers can easily track their investments, make transactions, and get personalized investment recommendations based on their risk profile. The app also reduced the manual workload of the relationship managers, allowing them to focus on building relationships with customers and providing more personalized service. Overall, the PFM app helped improve the efficiency of the investment conversion process and led to a significant increase in customer engagement.

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