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Workforce Management Tool

The workforce was highly dissatisfied with the existing management system due to several issues such as improper shift timings, lack of feedback system, and insufficient training.

As a product manager, the primary task was to improve the situation and enhance employee satisfaction by introducing suitable measures.

To address the challenges faced by the employees, several initiatives were taken by the management. The following steps were taken to improve the situation:

  1. Integrated Calendar: A calendar was integrated into the system to ensure proper shift management and avoid confusion among the employees. This helped in reducing the workload of the HR team and enhanced transparency in the system.

  2. Feedback Loop System: To address the issue of the lack of feedback system, a mechanism was introduced to provide timely and constructive feedback to the employees. This helped in improving employee engagement, motivation, and productivity.

  3. Payroll and Benefits: To show the employees that their contribution is valued, a new payroll system was introduced, which was designed to provide timely payments and attractive benefits. This helped in enhancing employee satisfaction and reducing the attrition rate.

  4. Attendance Tracking: A system was put in place to track the attendance of the employees accurately. This helped in maintaining transparency and reducing any potential conflict between the employees and the management.

  5. Training: To address the issue of insufficient training, the feedback from the employees was used to develop a training program that catered to their needs. This helped in improving the skills and knowledge of the employees, resulting in enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

The initiatives taken by the management had a significant impact on the employee satisfaction level and attrition rate. The results achieved were:

  1. Employee Satisfaction Score: The employee satisfaction score increased from 3.5 to 4+ on a scale of 5.

  2. Reduced Attrition Rate: The attrition rate was reduced by 10-15% in just three months after implementing the new initiatives.

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