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Video Streaming Platform

Earlier, the content distribution process involved selling content offline by creating playlists through a common cartridge. These playlists were then uploaded to an external vendor or LMS. Alternatively, we used a YouTube channel for distribution, but it was time-consuming, and user engagement was not satisfactory.

To improve content distribution and user engagement, we launched a new video streaming platform.

With the new video streaming platform, users can now create their own playlists and play videos directly within the platform.


Additionally, we introduced multiple streaming options for convenience:

  • Stream through the platform itself.

  • Download the common cartridge for offline viewing.

  • Copy the embed code to embed the video on external websites.

  • Share the video URL with others.

The implementation of the video streaming platform has been successful, and within just four months, we achieved 30,000 monthly active users. This significant improvement indicates that the platform has been well-received and is meeting user needs for better content access and engagement.

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