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Reduced delivery time during Rush hours

As a product manager, we were informed that the riders were facing difficulty delivering items during rush hours. This was impacting the ETA accuracy and causing the customer satisfaction (CSAT) score to drop below 4.

Our task was to come up with a solution that would improve the CSAT score to 4+ and the ETA accuracy by 80%.

To address the issue, we came up with a community-based solution where drivers take a detour and share feedback about their experience. This would allow us to gather information about alternative routes that could be taken during rush hours, potentially improving the ETA accuracy and reducing the delivery time for riders.

We implemented a system where drivers could share their detours and other drivers could upvote them if they found them useful. This would enable us to automatically add better detours to the system, creating a more efficient network of routes for our drivers to follow.

After implementing the community-based solution, we observed significant improvements in the ETA accuracy, with an 80% increase in accuracy. Additionally, the CSAT score improved to 4+ due to the reduced delivery times and improved communication with customers.

Overall, this solution allowed us to create a more efficient and collaborative system that not only improved the delivery experience for our riders but also increased customer satisfaction, ultimately benefiting our business.

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