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Notification Mechanism

Initially the platform has no external prompts for one of my video streaming platform. People getting aware about the platform with the help of sales team


As a product manager, I implemented push and email notifications mechanism to increase platform adoption and retention.

I analyzed user behavior and identified that many users were not returning to the platform after signing up. To address this, I introduced a notification mechanism using mixpanel and moengage integration, that informed users of new updates, features, reminder to leads and recommended content to encourage them to return.

The adoption of our platform increased by 5%- 10% within 3 months, as measured by the number of new sign-ups per month. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the notification mechanism in engaging users and driving adoption.

By implementing the notification mechanism, we were able to address the challenge of low user engagement and improve our platform's adoption. Going forward, I plan to continue monitoring user behavior and implementing strategies to improve engagement and retention. Later on, we will target to implement web notification, sms notification and in-app notification

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