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Insurance Portal for Members


Insurance Portal for Members/Subscriber

The challenge faced by the B2C insurance service provider is the manual process of sending claims letters and explanation of benefits (EOBs) to their end users. The company was maintaining separate portals for finding associated doctors, benefits, and savings, resulting in an unorganized repository that is causing difficulties for their customers. Our objective is to develop a member portal that not only addresses this customer need but also provides an organized and efficient solution.

Our task is to design and develop a portal that meets the needs of the end users and aligns with our business objectives. We need to identify the key features and functionalities that will provide value to the customers, such as easy access to claim letters and EOBs, secure account management, and responsive design. We also need to ensure that the portal is scalable, reliable, and easy to maintain.

To achieve our task, we need to take several actions, such as:

  1. Conducted user research to better understand the needs and pain points of our end users.

  2. Identified the features and functionalities that will provide value to the customers and align with our business objectives.

  3. Developed a user-friendly and responsive design for the portal.

  4. Developed a roadmap for product development that aligns with our goals and objectives.

  5. Portal consist of claims, findcare, benefits, savings and dashboard tabs.

  6. Now member/subscriber can download claims letter and EOB directly from portal

  7. Now member/subscriber can get all relevant information about benefits and doctor associated with the insurance plan

  8. The portal has several plans like HMO, EPO, PPO

The expected results of our actions are:

  1. Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

  2. Improved product performance and reliability.

  3. Continued growth and success of the B2C insurance service, with a 38% increase in new users and reduced load time to 500ms.

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